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Bishoppe Kamusinga Photography
Monday August 7, 2017

Meet Bishoppe, a St. Louis based photographer and videographer with a love for color and shape. To book a session, shoot us a direct message!


Thursday September 21, 2017

Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel unable to make the changes you know you really need to make, and believe you really want to make? Do you ever wonder why if you know you need to make them and believe you truly want to make them, why you seem to fail miserably every time you try? I have wondered these things for years. And years and years and years. Despite over a decade of self-help groups and therapy and reading dozens and dozens of books on psychology and spirituality and personal growth, I feel just as stuck as I did so many years ago when I began this journey. Maybe even more so.

Quite honestly, if you saw me today, saw how I live my life on a daily basis and how I treat, ignore and abuse my body, you would find it quite difficult to believe that I spent so much time working on myself. But, I did. Something happened along the way, although I’m not sure what exactly. About 7 or so years into the process I seemed to hit some sort of inner brick wall. It seemed like I couldn’t break through . . . couldn’t go any further. Nothing was working anymore. I’d made a lot of progress, but not the amount I felt I should’ve made by then. I became very, very tired, and that was on top of all the tired I was already feeling. After that, it seemed much of the progress I had made began to slowly unravel and I started losing the thing that mattered most . . . I lost hope. I also certainly lost whatever tiny seed of belief I’d finally developed in myself. Without those two things, change becomes nearly impossible.

The last few years I’ve really turned away from the world. It just feels really, really exhausting and I don’t have the energy to really participate in it very often. The longer I stay “away” from the world, the harder it seems to once again become a part of it. Many accomplished people and great teachers say that writing it down and putting your desires out into the universe can be a great catalyst for change. So . . . here I go. Writing it down. Putting it out there. Putting my little toe into shallow end of the pool. Some piece of my knows I did not do all that work for nothing, but it’s going to take a little risk on my part to get things moving again. I am trying to get unstuck here . . . one word at a time.

Thursday September 21, 2017

"Brittany" placed a post yesterday about overcoming obstacles and as I read her post, I thought about all of the obstacles that we face. How many of them do we perpetuate ourselves, versus how many of them are opportunities that challenge us to be better?

Some obstacles come across our paths as a result of societal norms - race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Those we have no control over - and for many of us, we've seen changes over the course of our lives that indicate that those things will not be revolutionized overnight.

But - the obstacles that Brittany described were that she had other people telling her what her worth was without really knowing her. I had my own experience with this last year and it took me considerable reflection and introspection to bring myself back to "normal." I'm a great leader, smart, professional, and people want to work with and for me. Unfortunately, I let some of my peers convince me (wrongly) that I'm not a good leader. I had to come to the conclusion that they aren't the ones who define me as a leader - my TEAM defines me as a leader. What my TEAM tells and teaches me about leadership are my litmus test - not the opinions of speculation-based observations from colleagues.

To Brittany - and to others - remember that you are uniquely you and that YOU define your worth - no one else does.


Monday September 18, 2017

I wanted to talk about overcoming obstacles. There are so many people that will try to make you feel as though you can't achieve something or you are not good enough. I am here to tell you that you ARE! Do not ever let anyone make you feel that you are not unique and amazing. Today I had someone tell me that I am not doing good enough. At first, I was hurt and upset. Then, when I could drive and reflect on my feelings I thought who are they to think they know how hard I am working or how far I have come?
I am a brave, intelligent, and powerful woman! Hear me roar :D


Chris Weathers
Tuesday September 19, 2017

Chris Weathers
Sunday September 17, 2017

Over the weekend, I participated in a series of protests in St Louis that stemmed from yet another murder of another unarmed black person by police. The protests I participated in ranged from downtown to the Central West End to The Delmar Loop.

I previously had not participated in any of the Ferguson rallies, but felt compelled to get involved this go round. It's sad how this feels like a regular occurrence in St Louis, as well as other places throughout the country.

I've also conducted interviews with KDSK News 5. My hope was to convey the true objectives of the protests and what the collective goal is. And what that boils down to is, the equal treatment of all human beings. Blacks have been systematically removed from the American dream since the inception of this country. And the only reason is skin tone, which has always been an insane motive to me. We have always been considered intellectually inferior and painted as aggressive bruts througout society.

While I admit there is alot of mental unhealth in the black community, I must say it stems from the psychological tramua targeted at the African American community. As we are forced to survive in a economic and social system aimed to leave us out, we have continuously found ourselves in poverty riddled circumstances.

As officer Stockley clearly made it clear the murder was premeditated, because the ultimate decision maker was someone who possessed a sweeping preconceived notion about blacks. But the thing this conservative right wing judge refuses to acknowledge is that this situation had nothing to with his past. He was unarmed and clearly framed. This judge refused to look at facts. Also what's never looked at is why blacks are in this position to start with. Why we have always been historically poor. It stems all the way back to the transatlantic slave trade, couple with the 500 year establishment of an entire economic system that didn't include blacks. So the development of school systems, corporations, and all non inclusive organizations that dictate and control the world. Even our homeland of Africa was taken from blacks.

Blacks often feel they have been historically the most hated people on this planet. And those frustrations beam through when you see protests arrive. The vandalism is misguided anger and frustration. The voiceless and powerless not knowing how to get the revenge they so desperately seek. So the question is, how do we fix it?

Many people have many different ideas on how this can come about, but first it starts in the home. Parents must do a better job at preparing their kids for the world they are about to embark on. They must be taught about their pre-transatlantic slave trade history, the one that has been whitewashed. They must be taught about all of the illusions and psychological traps that exist in the media, which are everywhere. They must be taught to side step the genocide efforts placed in front of their kids everyday of their lives. And they must be taught it's a collective effort among people who look like them. Strength is always in numbers but unfortunately blacks are without a doubt the most divided race on this planet.

So their are a host of internal issues that blacks must face and fix before they can ever move forward. And no one is going to ever help them but themselves. The devil is a master at presenting what appears to be beneficial opportunity, but knowing the sole purpose is to give you the tools to destroy yourself.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone of every race, color, and creed who came out and continues to come out and support a cause that doesn't affect them. Your noble efforts will always be appreciated.


Sunday September 17, 2017

I wanted to share a new song I am loving at this moment. Demi Lovato's Sorry Not Sorry. I am loving her attitude and how brave she is. This song is so much fun to sing and dance too. It just makes you feel so enpowered as a woman!! I find myself dancing and singing to it a lot. I am a huge fan of some of her other songs too like, "Stone Cold, Skyscraper, Confident.."

I have added some videos of my favorite live performances she has done and I hope that everyone enjoys them! She has an amazing voice and is very talented!

Richard Gibson
Friday September 15, 2017

My Thoughts on The Holy Bible #1

Psalm 4:4 - 5 (NASB)
Tremble, and do not sin; meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still. Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and trust in the Lord.

Depressed? Furious? Anxious? Here's a solution:
Feel your emotions, but maintain self-control and don't exaggerate them.
Think about your emotions, but don't take rash actions or dwell on them for too long.
Do and be what is righteous, and then trust God to accomplish what you cannot.

This isn't just a command to get over it. This is a recommendation to feel it, process it, turn it over, and then get over it because you probably can't fix it, anyway, so you may as well trust God to do it.

Also, as we see in verses 7 and 8 of this same Psalm and are told in Philippians 4:4 - 9, if we instead focus on God and the blessings He has given us, He will grant supernatural peace. This is not to say that He will magically solve our problems or reduce their severity. This is to say that they will be easier to bear. We can have peace amidst our storms, amidst our anxiety. That is the power of God.



Thursday September 14, 2017

I wanted to talk about taking time out to do things that make you happy. I think its very important to have your own hobbies and alone time especially in marriage. I love going to movies, concerts, long nature walks, fishing, boating, and of course blogging :D. These moments make it that much better when we do spend time together which of course is often because we are married.

The very identity that makes you feel like you matter makes you feel whole together and I can't begin to explain how important it is.