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Chris Weathers
Friday August 18, 2017

Tin Roof 🎉
The new hot spot downtown is Tin Roof, which is located in the old J Bucks downtown at 1000 Clark. This is spot is dope! It has a unique mixture of live music, bars and club floor. And what makes it really cool is that the DJs play a great mixture of generes. The lines on the weekend are bananas but it's well worth the wait to get in. And fellas, there is no shortage of women for those of you who are single. If you go on the weekend after a Cardinals night game, prepare for wall to wall action.

The interesting thing about location is that it's located right next to a pretty established club in Wheelhouse and a fairly popular Start Bar. As we all know with a new club, standing the test of time is dependent upon how it does after the honeymoon of newness.

If you have been there yet, drop me a comment and let me know what you think if it.

Allex Sammuli
Thursday August 17, 2017

Looking for great tasting food and excellent ambience? Make your way on down to the Grove to grab a bite and share some delicious cocktails with friends at Olio.

Whenever I’m craving a fun night out, I call up my foodie friend Abigail who always has the scoop on the latest and greatest restaurants in St. Louis. I currently live in a tiny town across the Mississippi on the Illinois side, but I’m always up for a trip to the Lou to enjoy some good eatin’ and stimulating conversation.

Abigail suggests Olio in Tower Grove. From the way she describes it, Olio sounds like an obscure and somewhat sketchy hole in the wall sort of place. This actually entices me, especially after spending an entire week living off mac ‘n’ cheese from Panera; one of the many fine and exotic establishments in Alton.

I arrive to Olio just 30 minutes late which is early by Abigail standards. I wait in my car and five minutes later, I receive a text from the woman herself informing me that she’s been held up in a work meeting and will be “just a few minutes late” and “to go ahead and order some booze.”

Because I suck at parking in the city, I have made the decision to situate myself all the way down the street where I was able to avoid parallel parking all together. I regret this instantly as I walk the endless mile to Olio in a pair of cute, but not so practical booties. While making my way towards the restaurant, I become a bit anxious. I have my reservations about the mysterious eatery. However, I have no literal reservations because that type of preparation didn’t seem necessary for such a place…the way Abigail described it anyways. I squint in the dark, peeling my eyes for some nondescript building that says “Olio.” I finally notice the warm and yellowy glow of twinkle lights and I can hear faint jazz playing in the distance. I finally reach the parking lot to the place. Seriously? How did I miss the obvious parking lot? My feet are screaming at me, but my growling stomach distracts me from the pain. The intoxicating aroma of spices and hot food draw me in.

This is certainly no hole in the wall. It reminds me of when Harry Potter is at the Quiddich World Cup and they walk into those normal looking tents and then boom! They’re inside a giant rustic mansion, a glamper’s paradise. While this place is somewhat small and intimate, Olio has an urban chic vibe that makes it so incredibly alluring. The wine bar is located in an old gas station which gives it an industrial feel, but hints of elegance are displayed throughout the nook with romantic candles and botanical accents. And it gets better.

I can’t even begin to describe the deliciousness at this Mediterranean magic house. While I was excited to see Abigail, I was even more excited to chow down on some tasty grub. I started with a cocktail way more sophisticated than I could ever dream to be. The name of it escapes me, but it was a sweet and spicy combination of gin, scotch, honey lavender, and rose geranium. After drinks, we decided to indulge in some savory appetizers. We nibbled on roasted beets and Palestinian fish tartae complemented with charred broccoli pita bread with hummus. I was tempted to try everything on the menu. The baba ghanoush and Turkish pizza are next on my list of small plates to try.

To make this experience even more amazing, the owner, Ben Poremba stopped by our little table to see how we were enjoying our meal. The man bun wearing master chef had kind eyes and a genuine interest in getting to know his customers. My friend Abigail is also Israeli and the two of them chatted away while I continued to munch on hummus and pita bread.

Ben Poremba, an Israeli-American chef came to America 20 years ago. His first job was nannying and soon became the family’s personal chef. He now owns three other restaurants which all share the same commitment to excellence and beauty.

Olio is now one of my favorite places to eat in the Lou. The exquisite atmosphere and mouthwatering cuisine is enough to write a blog post sharing its awesomeness and encourage everyone I talk to about food to check out this unique little spot nestled in Botanical Heights.

I will definitely be coming back for seconds.

Allex Sammuli
Thursday August 17, 2017

"People always ask me where I buy all my clothes from and they're always shocked when I tell them I do most of my shopping at thrift stores. If it looks good then I'm gonna wear it, despite it being you know, second hand or a knock off or whatever. When I have money, maybe I'll move on to better things. I don't like wearing labels for the sake of labels."

Taffiny Kablay marches to the beat of her own drum. Her style is bold and unapologetic. She stands out in the crowd with a look that says, "I do whatever I want" and we love her for it. She's an edgy Diana Ross with a killer wardrobe and a laid-back personality. Everybody wants to know Taff. She's the cool girl with the fro, but not only does she slay on the St. Louis style scene; she's also an avid vlogger, artist, dancer, and slam poet. She was born and raised in Botswana, but came to the states to study mass communications at Principia College.

To her YouTube subscribers, she's known as the "Tribe Goddess." To me, she's a style guru. I can't get enough of her grungy glam 90's inspired look and her quirky vintage thrift finds.

Allex Sammuli
Wednesday August 16, 2017

Humans of St. Louis

Postplay User, Stacy Taubman of RISE Collaborative Workspace is Paving the Way for Women Entrepreneurs

There’s just something about this place. Maybe it’s the immaculately organized office space with subtle hints of stylish femininity. Or perhaps it’s the piping hot cup of Kaldi’s coffee offered to you by the warm and cheery reception woman at the front desk when you walk in. There’s certainly a very positive and uplifting energy that circles around this building. Whatever it is, RISE Collaborative will leave you feeling inspired to conquer whatever life throws your way. Get the work done in the company of badass women.

I’ve been a big fan of RISE Collaborative for some time now. As an intern, I had the opportunity to work closely with CEO, Stacy Taubman, who continues to be a strong female role model in my life. This new and creative concept of a female-focused collaborative workspace is gaining popularity not only here in St. Louis, but across the country. Wing, for example is a women-only co-working space in New York that “offers a home base for women on their way.” RISE is the St. Louis equivalent with a focus on fostering collaboration and growth for professional women and giving them a space with the “flexibility of a coffee shop and polish of a corner office.” As a member, you are given a place to conduct business and get your work done. In addition to this, members are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to network with other women in the RISE community.

Spotlight on Stacy: Stacy founded RISE Collaborative back in 2015 after teaching high school math for 12 years. From educator to entrepreneur, Stacy leads the way for female business women in the St. Louis area. She was recently selected as a winner of the St. Louis Business Journal’s Catapult Competition and has been asked to speak at numerous public events. Her poise, confidence, and gung-ho attitude is admirable, but what I really like about Stacy is her compassion, honesty, and humility. I think it’s truly refreshing to see a strong female leader and entrepreneur demonstrate these qualities.

We all doubt ourselves. We’re all flawed. We all have fears. Like so many St. Louisans that I’ve met over the past couple of years living here, Stacy is genuine and wants to help and support people. She admits to feeling overwhelmed and unsure at times and I think it’s important for other men and women to know that it’s okay to feel that way. We’re all human and instead of tearing each other down, we need to build each other up. That’s what Stacy and many other St. Louis leaders are doing.

To learn more about RISE, visit their website: riseworkspace

Looking to get your network on.. the fun way? RISE holds several events each month that are open to the public. Some popular and reoccurring events include Wine Down Wednesdays, monthly book club meetings, and Food for Thought; a mid-day recharging session complete with yummy food and motivating talks. You can also check out their website calendar for a complete list of what’s happening.

Allex Sammuli
Wednesday August 16, 2017

Science in the Lou – Don’t miss your chance to view the celestial phenomenon of a lifetime
For the first time in 99 years, people from all over the country will witness a truly spectacular event – a total solar eclipse. What exactly does it mean to experience a “total” solar eclipse? This is when the moon will completely cover the sun and the corona, and anyone in the path of totality will be able to view this beautiful rarity. This opportunity is not just for science buffs and astronomy nerds. A solar eclipse of this magnitude does not come around very often. In fact, the last one to touch American soil occurred in 1918 and the next total eclipse isn’t scheduled until 2024.

St. Louis is offering some pretty cool ways to view the eclipse. Check out some of the fun and unique events happening in the Lou on August 21st.
Solar eclipse viewing party at the Magic House - stlmag
Solar eclipse off the beaten path - stlmag
Jazz, wine, and science - visithermann
Geek out and enjoy a tasty lunch at 360 St. Louis - riverfronttimes
To read up on the science behind the Great American Solar Eclipse, visit the official website: greatamericaneclipse

Allex Sammuli
Tuesday August 15, 2017

Haute Couture in the Heartland – An unexpected city takes the fashion world by storm with the introduction of six new designers to the St. Louis Fashion Fund Incubator program.

Let’s face it - glamour and sophistication are probably not the first things to pop into your head when you think Midwest. In fact, most would argue that our gateway state is behind the times when it comes to the latest style trends. As André Leon Tally would say, “It’s a famine of beauty.” I can almost hear the sassy disdain in his voice. A desolate design wasteland full of Walmart super-centers and cornfields. Nothing more…or so we thought.

It may be hard to believe that the city of St. Louis was once a bustling hub for fashion and art much like New York, the fashion capital of the United States. The industry flourished right here on Washington Avenue where designers created works of art for the American people. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back on the fashion radar? Cue the St. Louis Fashion Fund, an innovative incubator working tirelessly to bring it all back.

“We are fostering the creation of new companies. Bringing more jobs and talent to downtown. Recapturing a piece of our history. Educating and mentoring fashion and design students across the region. And helping create positive buzz about St. Louis.”
-St. Louis Fashion Fund St. Louis

SLFF works closely with Washington University’s Olin School of Business, the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, and the Launch Collective to provide a two-year intensive program for six emerging designers focusing on business, fashion, retail, and merchandising. The designers were announced this past January at the St. Louis Fashion Fund’s Inaugural Six party held at the T-REX on Washington Ave. Since then, all six designers have been working diligently to bring fashion culture back to the city of St. Louis through lectures, workshops, and pop-up shop sales. This inclusive approach is a rarity in the fashion industry. Here in St. Louis, community members are encouraged to join the revitalization of fashion in the Midwest and do so with great enthusiasm. It also helps that the designers themselves are incredibly inspiring and down to earth.

I had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural Six party last winter where I listened to each one of them share highlights from their unique journeys as innovators in the cut-throat world of fashion. All six of them shared a common and unexpected trait and I was awestruck by their sincere humility and genuine excitement to share their wealth of knowledge with the city of St. Louis. As ambassadors and mentors to youth interested in pursuing a career in fashion, these style savvy six are paving the way for new talent to emerge and bloom.

Much like how the T-Rex has been able to foster growth in the IT world, the St. Louis Fashion Fund hopes to do the same with its designers by providing them with the tools to establish companies of their own, driving business and fashion appreciation back to the heartland.
To read more about the designers, visit: saintlouisfashionfund

Chris Weathers
Tuesday August 15, 2017

This is another major step forward for St Louis in becoming more contemporary. This coupled with the grow of tech start ups would continue to reviatlize downtown and bring more businesses here. I see nothing but pluses+++!!!

My Blush Events
Monday August 14, 2017

Create an event with trending designs and professional styling from myblushevents View some of our latest shoots online like this DIY tropical inspired wedding!